Hyperburner v1.1 Full APK

Hyperburner v1.1 Full APK. Hyperburner spaceplane is a broadband colonial located in a distant solar system. Take your ship through over increasingly dangerous, drain rankings so endless as you go. Built for mobile with soft steering and free sensitive, reproducible in portrait or landscape mode.

PocketGamer Gold Award:
"Amazing perfect aesthetic controls everything about the game hums with the kind of quality that makes every second you spend with the game a joy"

** Hyperburner is only compatible with the new devices. a minimum of 2 GB of RAM is recommended.

- Quick Play, instant respawns.
- Master of six unique areas, each with five difficult stages.
- Test your skills against a list of endless speed targets.
- Unlock best ships as you go.


Xenowerk v1.4.1 Full APK

Xenowerk v1.4.1 Full APK. Be the last hope against the mutant infestation. Enter the result of a science experiment gone terribly wrong.

Pixelbite Xenowerk ™ comes from the creators of Space Marshals. It is an action game from the top down challenge your combat skills in an underground laboratory sciences. Descend deeper into the abyss and explore tarnished levels. Armed with a flashlight as the main guide, you never know what lurks in the dark!

His goal is to destroy all the nests and eliminate all mutants to prevent it from spreading.
Xenowerk ™ has 50 levels to explore with increasing difficulty. As you progress through the game you will meet a growing number of mutants and expansion of clean areas.

firepower Heavier and thicker armor is essential to stay alive on your trip. Collect pills to feed the weapons and armor dead mutants.

Xenowerk ™ has a set of special powers to boost its offensive when you are in need. Activating one or more of both a more efficient way down the mutants.

· Set up action down
· Touch dual stick control
· Lighting and shadows Beautifully
· A wide range of weapons and equipment
· Upgradeable Weapons
· Special powers to improve your game
· Classification system based on performance
· Google Play Achievements and leaderboards
· Packages credit application for optional purchase


Death Race: The Game! v3 Full APK

Death Race: The Game! v3 Full APK. Welcome to Death Race, the most extreme sporting event on Earth, where death row career to win their freedom hardened. Now you can experience the supercharged intensity, metal film crashed in a game for your Android device!

You choose the weapons and vehicles you put your life in danger and race for their freedom in this explosive play. In a career that losing means death, are you willing to do what it takes to defeat your opponents before they defeat you? With fast cars, big guns and realistic graphics, race death have you on the edge of your seat!


- 12 wrong on vehicles (sport, SUVs and muscle!)
- 4 Super sexy co-pilot!
- Stunning graphics and incredible progress.
- Multiple game modes: story, everyday, Ladder, and challenge.
- Share your dragster on Facebook!
- Incredible jumps, drifts, battles and explosions!
- Spectacular non-stop action - just like the movie!


Feed Me Oil 2 v1.1.3 Full APK

Feed Me Oil 2 v1.1.3 Full APK. oil channel in the jaws of life surreal worlds Feed Me Oil 2, the sequel to the innovative definition and gender Feed Me Oil.

The average SLICKER
Guide gallons of the stuff around a series of amazing mechanical designs using new and improved physics. Watch as the oil moves realistically at every level and the air, water and ice on four chapters full of fun.

Touch and drag new tools around to experiment with windmills and fans to create the perfect solution. Try to use as little as possible to earn three stars to share with your friends tools.

monstrosities MECHANICAL
Feed Me Oil 2 has been renovated with a new visual style radical. A new mechanical look literally brings each original drawing to life like never before!

Game features:
• Four chapters overflowing with the complex puzzle
• Realistic physics that react to wind, water and ice
• Various tools, such as windmills, fans and more
• Find new ways to solve puzzles to earn three stars
• Share your scores with friends on Facebook
• Play daily to unlock new gifts


BEAST BUSTERS featuring KOF DX v1.0.0 Full APK

BEAST BUSTERS featuring KOF DX v1.0.0 Full APK. legendary series of games SNK "destructive beast" and "The King of Fighters" were respectively 25 and 20 years, turning a final cross on the experience! Playing in this zombie shooter action packed film as a team member "Beast Busters" mercenaries or as a famous character in the series "KOF" fighting games, and shoot the animals as they come to life until the last! with its "mode multiplayer game" in which you play with your friends and move forward together in stages, its fighters Cores, articles that populate the power of KOF fighters and can ignite or evolve, "skills "that allow you to perform special moves," special weapons "customizable, and many more features," types of BEAST with KOF DX ", you can enjoy in many ways! Destroy all the zombies that swarm!

Game features:

◆ No need for integrated element in applications to fully enjoy this game!
No need to buy items in the application or consumed in the power play! enjoy "types that offer BEAST DX KOF" anytime anywhere!

◆ frantic action of highly addictive shooting and volume awesome game!
Many steps of a high level and the strategy beasts with different attack patterns await you in "types that offer KOF DX BEAST"! Remove all the beasts, and prepare for "Cleopatra", the last boss game!

◆ famous characters of "The King of Fighters" series of games to join the battle!
"Kyo Kusanagi" is now available as a playable character in KOF 20th anniversary!
Other characters KOF also support you in your mission!

◆ Collect "core fighting" to develop and make the zombies!
There are more than 200 "core" of combat, various articles where they live in the power of KOF fighters in "types that offer KOF DX BEAST!" Try combining a large number of them as well as others to strengthen and / or develop their skills!

◆ control their "skills" to destroy the beasts!
Equip yourself with the basic fighting to obtain "Skills". Intensify their status, and activate special moves to increase the capabilities of your player.

◆ Customize the powerful special weapons!
Customize firepower, rapid fire and reload speed settings of their special weapons and equip your character with special weapons for different attack patterns!

◆ Play cooperatively with friends in "multiplay" and go through the steps together as a FPS game!
Gameplay "Multiplay" that allows you to play with your friends as electronic games and FPS is available. Join forces and strive together for the purpose of step!


Heroes and Castles 2 v1.00 Full APK

Heroes and Castles 2 v1.00 Full APK. He stands solemn walk, overlooking the battlefield. To his left, from top giant rush into battle, marauding hordes of goblins in the air with each swing their clubs bones. On the right, the Helms iron dwarves break into skeletons hanging, while a line of pikemen Ready spears for a last charge. Behind you, your elven archers release their arrows towards the top dull Trolls and Orcs wild. But it is not enough, and that the enemy keeps coming ... With a final battle cry, are you ready your sword and charge into battle!

Enter Heroes and Castles 2, a third person action-RPG, strategy and defense Castle mash-up! Choose from one of three powerful races, customize their hero summon a huge army to fight alongside you in battle, defend your castle, conquest of the land, and ultimately destroy the enemy fortress!


CASTLE DEFENSE, strategy and action-RPG game!
Take the battlefield in a third person perspective immersion summon entire armies to fight beside you, and defend your castle to the death! Fight in the middle of a great battle!

Customize your hero!
Choose one of three races, level, learn new skills and abilities through nine classes, forge weapons, armor and shields, and destroy your enemies!

Summon huge entire armies to fight alongside you!
Summon Dwarves, Elves, archers, pikemen, Giants, knights, catapults, magicians and more to help you in your defense. Seeing the battle to the enemy with you in massive epic battles!

Build and upgrade your castle!
Build towers, upgrade the castle walls, and defend! Conquer new lands and build outposts to secure.

EPIC player campaign!
Defend your castle through 30 waves while taking control of a huge map by capturing and defending the new outposts. Ultimately raze the enemy castle in a final seat glorious battle!

Cooperative Multiplayer!
Team up with a random ally or one of your friends!

competitive multiplayer PVP!
The battle against other players - defend your castle and destroy yours!

Tons of enemies to battle!
Fight against dozens of enemies on screen at once, hordes of undead, orcs, goblins, ghouls, spiders, trolls, catapults, mummies and more!

advanced graphics and tons of features!
amazing mobile graphics and lighting, fight with dozens of units on screen at a time, high-resolution assets for the top of the line appliances, cloud saving, Support Driver (Shield, Fashion Moga B ONLY, SteelSeries etc.), and more!


Vr Sneaking Mission 2 v1.1 Full APK

Vr Sneaking Mission 2 v1.1 Full APK. Espionage, tactics and Android Action with a new title in the series of "Cienfuegos" PEEP VR Mission 2.
Inspired by stealth and espionage most authentic games, VR PEEP MISSION 2 comes with better graphics, more action, more objects and more missions to meet in a virtual environment.
Hide, Run, run and chips ,, can overcome these obstacles without being detected by the enemy?
• Walk the different virtual scenarios to find your destination
• Walls hit to distract the enemy.
• Do not allow the enemy to do
• Hide in the most remote corners
• the collection of weapons and items that will be useful in their own way
• Use of weapons in first and third person
• An action-packed shooting, enemies and traps
• Use thermal extras
• 19 missions, including the infiltration of weapons, advanced weapons and special levels
• overcome the virus that wreaked havoc in the virtual world

Enjoy the best experience of infiltration and espionage that exists in Android.

A game created entirely by one person, David Amado Fernandez.